Pentesting : The Poor Man Guide.

What is pentesting ?

Getting involved is for everyone:

The Poor man Guide :

Just pick the subject that you like and deep dive into that sea until you feel comfortable about your skills so you can move to the next one But if you want to be more specific then u can just choose one subject and keep your high learning hopes about it .

1- Practice :

Those are great plateforms when it comes to just getting started, HackTheBox also provides an Academy to learn more about different subjects :

2- CTFs : The hacker playground

3- Bug bounty : Hunters Arena

4- Books:

5- The hacker playbook .

6- Web security testing Guide.

5- YouTube & Blogs : Insights storage

And much more , the more you Learn the better you pick .

6- Podcasts

7- Traditional Assets

8- Success is Work

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